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What is Pregnancy Shared Care?

A unique experience for you and your partner

Pregnancy shared care is an excellent way to continue and develop your relationship with your GP as your family grows. It is a popular choice of care during pregnancy for healthy women with a normal pregnancy who choose to deliver their baby in a South Australian public hospital. If you don’t have a GP then your pregnancy is the perfect time for you to establish this relationship.

Your GP provides most of your ante-natal care with minimal hospital visits required. Your GP must follow clear protocols for your care and must be accredited with the Obstetric Shared Care Program SA ensuring you receive the highest standard of care.

The Obstetric Shared Care Midwife Coordinators at each public hospital are also happy to help along the way and liaise with you, your family and your GP.

If any complications should develop during pregnancy,  your GP will refer you to the Hospital for specialist care as required.

The Hospital Doctors and midwives will care for you during your labour an birth.

Then your GP will provide the post-natal care after your discharge from hospital both for you and your new baby.

Low Risk Women’s Pregnancy Shared Care

It’s continuity of Care

– You can see your own GP or a GP in your area for most of your ante-natal visits.

– You know your GP and they know your medical history.

– Appointment times with your GP are often much more convenient than at a Hospital and there are usually much shorter waiting times for your appointments.

– After your delivery your post-natal care is provided by your GP ensuring continuity of care.

– Your GP offers comprehensive continuity of care for your whole family as they grow.

In rural or remote areas, seeing your GP can be much easier than getting to a public hospital. Specific arrangements need to be discussed with your GP at the beginning of your pregnancy.

Your Pregnancy

Your Birth

Your GP

It’s time to call your GP!

Simply ask your GP or the Practice Staff whether your GP or another GP at the Practice is accredited for Pregnancy Shared Care.

Or you can ask the Shared Care Midwife Coordinators at the Public Hospital to help you find an accredited GP.

What do I need to do?

Who do I call?

The process of opting for GP Shared Care is a very straight forward one. Simply speak to your GP and advise them of your request and they will provide you with all the necessary resources to commence your pregnancy shared care.

There are these simple steps for you to join the Pregnancy Shared Care Program…

Step 1

Visit your GP as early in your pregnancy as possible.

Step 2

Call the SA Pregnancy Infoline number 1300 368 820 Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm to obtain a reference number. This does not apply in rural areas.

Step 3

Call the hospital to ‘book into’ that hospital as soon as possible (remember many public hospitals have waiting lists, so book early). Remember to inform the hospital receptionist that you are wanting Obstetric Shared Care.

Most Shared Care appointments will attract a fee of $180 with a Medicare rebate of $80

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