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when the drugs don’t work



We are known for not prescribing lots of narcotics. (Not a lot of benzodiazepines either, but that’s another post!). Why is that?




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Firstly, narcotics work differently for acute and chronic pain. Evidence shows that narcotics are effective for short term relief of acute pain after surgery or in an emergency situation, like a broken leg. As time goes on and the acute injury (the break or the surgical procedure) heals or finishes, the side effects of the narcotics increase. Itching and constipation occur, and tolerance leads to a decrease in pain relief. This is chronic pain where opioids areΒ ineffective. Your body produces its own pain relieving chemicals in response to pain or adversity. When you take narcotics or other painkillers, the body STOPS doing this. If you then stop the tablets, the body has to catch up again. This is painful and uncomfortable – We Can Help With That! (without more narcotics…)




There are better alternative Β options. We empower our patients in regard to managing their chronic pain. That’s the Partridge Street General Practice way!





Acute pain alerts us to injury or disease by sending a signal to the brain, saying “This is where you are hurt – attend to it”. Chronic pain is the afterlife of this acute pain, when the initial pain has affected the bodily tissues and the neurons in our pain system with false alarms, making us believe the problem is in our body when it is mostly in our brain.Β 



This evocative description comes from Dr Norman Doidge‘s book ‘The Brain’s Way of Healing’. He describes a scientific theory of neuroplasticity, whereby the brain’s structure and function can be changed without medication, achieving long lasting positive changes.




A book for the mind and the body.





Long Lasting Positive Changes are what we’re about at Partridge Street General Practice!



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