Good Medicine is Good Business.

I’ve summed it all up in five words. The End. I’ve been an owner of medical practices for over 10 years and a doctor for nearly double that. Good Medicine is the bedrock of all Good Medical Businesses  but it’s not all that goes into a Good Medical Business. How do you practice Good Medicine when you can’t pay your bills? How can you keep your mind on your valued patients if business worries are weighing on you? Your Business starts with You and so looking after yourself is a great start. A healthy mind in a healthy body and a business focus in a medical career are great systems for allowing doctors to practice the great medicine their valued patients deserve.

nick tellis running melbourne

I’m heading off to the Business for Doctors conference in Melbourne. I’ve packed my running gear and I’ll be working on my business focus, a healthy mind, a healthy body, and a great practice.

melbourne by night

Melbourne – who can resist?

Here’s some of the conference details.

Friday Program

Friday June 2 2017

2 Keynotes, 23 workshops including 2 interactive business learning workshops for BAS and Web design.

Keynote Speakers
Dr April Armstrong – Founder and Director, Business for Doctors
Michael Traill – Using Business Disciplines for Social Purpose. Lessons from the trenches of social enterprise.
Headshots Professional Photographs (Full delegates only or $50 onsite) from 10am

Workshop Presenters include:
Dr Jon Brown – Web Design
Dr April Armstrong – MBS – Pack & Stack – strategic model for maximising income in general practice
Dr Juvi Arulanandararajah – Stress management – “Burnout”
Dr Sachin Patel – Seven secrets of a Successful private practice
Dr Cate Howell – Navigating Relationships
Jamie Holroyd – Stratosphere – How to grow your practice & One page business plan
Alan Smith – Accountant – BAS workshop
Matthew Holden – Accountant – Business Structures for Doctor & Understand Tax Strategies
Arabin-Foye Private Wealth – Ryder Widdowson – What I wished doctors knew about money and wealth (double session)
Health & Co – Selling your practice to a corporate & Tax consideration when selling your business
Medlife- Roy Bostleman – – Understanding Personal Insurances: Tips for Optimising your Policies & Personal Insurance for Practice Owners: Tips and Trap
Tego – Melanie Tan – Demystifying medical indemnity and ways to mitigate your risk
BOQ – Melinda Goddard & Lloyd Levin – Financing a practice – New start-ups and Buy ins

Cocktail Networking: Included with Full, discount and day delegate tickets. Tickets Available on request for partners, practice managers and medical colleagues and BFD Facebook members – $50

Saturday Program

Saturday June 3 2017

2 keynote speakers, 23 workshops and including 2 interactive workshops.
Headshots professional Photographs (full delegates only or $50 onsite) from 8.30am

Keynote speakers
Noel Whittaker – Building wealth in Challenging Times
Dr Cate Howell

Workshop Presenters Include
Dr Jon Brown – Web design 2 – marketing and google analytics
Dr Sachin Patel – The 5 pillars of preventative life care
Dr Cate Howell – Work-life integration & Emotional Intelligence
Stratosphere – Jamie Holroyd – Budgets Forecasts- Profit & loss/Balance Sheet/Cash flow
Dr George Forgan-Smith – Marketing and Branding – interactive workshop
Dr Juvi Arulanandararajah – How to keep your self (and yourself) sane, productive and happy
Nexus Legal – Alan Prasad – Business Structures – understanding tax and strategies to minimise & Case Study on Legal Risks
Employsure – Brad Walkes & Elizabeth Burns- The importance of contracts and policies for business owners
Araban-Foyle Private Wealth Pty Ltd – Ryder Widdowson – Superannuation and Self managed super funds (double session)
Brentnells SA – transitioning from Employee Doctors to Independent Practitioner & High Performing Medical Practices

Gala Dinner – Tickets $150 – additional tickets now available for practice manager, partners and medical colleagues. BFD Facebook members $175

Sunday June 4 2017

Key Note Speaker
Tim Read – Marketing – The Boomerang Effect
Dr April Armstrong – closing address and special announcements

Workshop Presenters:

Dr Cate Howell – Health and Wellbeing Script
Stratosphere – Jamie Holroyd- Shareholders and Partners Agreements & Debt and balance sheet gearing
Dr April Armstrong – MBS workshop (double session) Implementing Billing Strategies – double your billings in 60 days
Property Investment – Quantity Surveying

Workshop Recordings: All Keynote speakers, practice set up and MBS workshops will be recorded as well as a number of other workshops over the 2 1/2 days. Full delegates can request recordings at no charge once available from armchair medical

You can read more here.

I’m really looking forward to this and taking back some valuable information. Feel free to say hi when you see me running around at the conference and like this post and there’s a coffee in it! Partridge Street General Practice is also looking for Great GPs – could it be you?

Remember – GPs and other doctors are always learning. Learn more, be better, practice better medicine AND have more time for you, your family, your patients, and your health! What more could you ask?