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South Australia has announced a major step forward in its vaccination rollout, offering both Pfizer and AstraZeneca to anyone aged over 16. Bookings for the two vaccines will be available at state-run clinics from Monday. The state will become the first in Australia to make both vaccines an option for those over 16.

Premier Steven Marshall said as of Monday, 127,000 extra booking slots would open to give younger South Australians the opportunity to get vaccinated.”As of Monday everyone over the ages of 16 can book in for that vaccination,” Mr Marshall said this morning.”We know that (vaccination) is what is going to keep our state safe, and it’s our passport out of the situation that our country currently finds itself in.

Mr Marshall conceded the availability of mRNA vaccines would be a constraint and the appointments would be for September and October, when Pfizer supplies become available. “We’re wanting to increase the demand now, get those bookings into the system,” he said.”Of course there are going to be delays because we do need to wait for additional supplies.”


We are receiving approximately 100 doses per week and will be offering appointments to the best of our ability. with this capacity in mind.

These appointments are for an immunisation only. If you wish to discuss your suitability for the vaccine, or an unrelated matter,  a separate appointment must be made. Book online here or phone 82953200.

And that’s it. Any problems with this process – book a usual appointment right here.

PartridgeGP works with you to help you make your best health decisions, and we won’t back away from being your companion, guide, advisor, and sounding board through your health journey. We pride ourselves on great communication and we’re ready to share our professional skills and knowledge with you. This is only MORE important now with new vaccines here to END the pandemic. The way forward is clear: make your appointment with us conveniently online right here – or call our friendly reception team on 82953200.

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For everyone, we believe that having a usual GP or General Practice is central to each person’s care and recommend that people with any health issues that come to the attention of other health professionals should be advised to attend their usual GP or General Practice rather than a specialised service (ie a place not providing the holistic care a specialist GP would).   If  they say that they don’t have a usual GP or general practice, they should be helped to find one and to actually attend it. Call PartridgeGP on 82953200 or make an appointment online here.

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