Best Practice is PartridgeGPs medical software of choice. It is awesome and a quantum leap above what we were using before and what we have used in the past. It’s the brainchild of Frank Pyefinch…hence the logo we see every day when we start up!



Pi + Finch



We would love to help make the best a little bit better – and so here is our wishlist for 2021 and Best Practice!



1. Please get BP Titanium up and running – I’ve been hanging out for anamorphic display and .net framework since 2017, it would be awesome for nursing home/remote work to have this





2. Allowing transfer of results to another practitioner with a note (hey dr X, I’ve looked at this and am passing it to you with the suggestion to do ABC – similar to some other medical software solutions)



3. Extending the above, allowing transfer of results to a nominated dr while on leave. GPs frequently have to check incoming test results and correspondence for colleagues who are away. In the rush of daily consulting, it can be diffcult to remember to do this. Currently GPs use workarounds, including adding reminder notes to their lists of appointments or other types of manually-created prompts (thanks again to Dr Oliver Frank).



4. Allow ordering of results/lists by name/date etc…it’s how humans read!



like this!

5. Please update the word processor – (maybe sublicence one?) – the word processors random use of fonts and tabs, as well as hanging for no reason…I much prefer to type in Google Docs and paste in



6. Make it easier to get data into the system, a typeform like process to allow data input from patients when booking, or allowing say hashtagging to autoadd to the problem list from free text typing. Doctors and data entry are poor bedfellows and better data will allow better patient care.



7. Electronic signatures, linked to your password



8. Integrate prescription module with PRODA, allowing us to never use the wasteful authority line again – saves time and money (and also more compatible with telehealth – can’t be on the phone to two people at once). As an aside, if anyone from the Department of Health is listening, please:

convert all authority prescriptions to streamlined authorities

linked to patients medicare number, doctors prescriber number, pharmacists dispensing number

make 95% of authority staff redundant

re-employ the top 5% and task them with monitoring live feeds of prescribing

This would be an awesome way of improving prescribing in pretty much every way.



9. use the bird screen to have icons that link to frequently used functions eg link to practitioner billings report per day



look at all of that real estate!



10. Use the real estate on screen, so many useful indicators could be inserted (see DCP)



probably don’t use my graphic design skillz to design the buttons



11. Native support for two screens – would help with CDM greatly



12. Improve the built in document viewer…it’s the same vintage as the word processor



13. Improve emailing from BP, seems to choke on images/long emails. Kudos on this feature though, even in its current form, it is a game changer in COVID times.



14. Build in secure messaging! Like email, I want to know when my messages ARENT delivered. The beginnings are there, just needs a bit more attention to UX to build trust.



15. Put an extra tab in the reports tab list – new/old/FAVOURITES!





16. have ONE button upload to MyHealthRecord, current integration is a little painful (typical user experience pictured below).



Photo by Kat Jayne on



17. Improve MyHealthRecord integration please, it seems Healthi might be on a winner here!





Thank you, Best Practice, for a great product, we truly couldn’t do what we do without it, and thank you in advance for the improvements you will make moving forward! You have my contact details, would love to work together to improve what we do.



Looking forward to hearing you with Peter Birch on Talking HealthTech!




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Better, for you.



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