It’s 2018 and many of you will have made your New Year’s resolutions. Many of these resolutions will have been broken by January 15th! We’re past that date, so for those of you who are left, here are some free Fitness Tips to help you carry on and improve your health in 2018.



Number 3 Fitness Tip from Dr Nick Tellis and Partridge Street General Practice

Get to the Gym…or the Run…or the Swim



We’ve all had those days where we don’t really want to exercise. Abs may be made in the kitchen but they’re certainly not made in bed. Remove the obstacles. Have your gear out the night before – clothes, trainers, swimmers, headphones – whatever you need to Get It Done. Leap out of bed as the morning alarm sings, get your gear, and Get Out.



Once you’re at the gym or pool or about to start your run – Start! If you’re not feeling it after 5-10 minutes, stop and head home. That’s cool, it’s not your day. I can assure you following this tip will hugely increase the amount of exercise you do.



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dr nick lifting with chris (1)

Younger Fitter Training Partners – the Famous Chris Hooper

Number 2 Fitness Tip from Dr Nick Tellis and Partridge Street General Practice

Don’t be the fittest person



Here’s the easiest tip here – especially for those of you just starting out. It’s often said that if you’re the smartest person in the room, you need to find a new room. Training with people fitter than you will bring you up with them. Generally people fitter than you have been doing it longer than you have and have built up some great habits and great tips of their own. Let them lift you up!



My personal take on this is that I train with people younger and fitter than me. I take the opportunity to train with great female athletes – even though I’m nearly double their weight, I can almost keep up! 😎



Get some great training partners!



Run with Good Physio or Aspire Pilates and Physiotherapy!



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Ms Sammie Johannes – Business Development And Powerlifter



Number 1 Fitness Tip from Dr Nick Tellis and Partridge Street General Practice

Rack Your &%*%ing Weights!



You’ve got to the place of exercise and you’ve lifted/run/swam. It’s time. Time to put the little metaphorical cherry on that big beautiful exercise cake. Time for a little ‘accessory exercise’.





Rack your &%*%ing weights! Seriously! This is free exercise! You’ll feel better, your training buddies will love you, and your friendly gym owner will sing your praises (and maybe even put your picture up in the gym!). Routine will give you strength and is that extra 1% for you when motivation fails. Routine gets you to the gym. Routine gets your training partners to the gym. And the Routine of racking your weights is worth it’s weight in gold.






If you’re running or swimming instead of lifting – that’s cool too. Walk more. Walk to and from your run or swim. That incidental movement – briskly, to be truthful – adds up. It adds up to fitness. It adds up to cardiovascular health. It adds up to a little less weight around the middle. It Adds Up!



Get to Anytime Fitness Glenelg and hit Ryan up…and maybe rack a few weights 😉





walking works for dr nick

One Year of Incidental Movement

PS: Here’s a bonus tip

Get a Great GP!

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Weight training – Pumping Iron 😎

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