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We find ourselves at the start of a seeming pandemic.


In addition to the medical risks to themselves, their friends and families, and their patients, GPs have to consider the risks to their livelihood and practices.

We can’t help our patients if we are ill.

We can’t help our patients if our practices are closed.

We can’t help our patients if we are isolated at home.

There may be solutions. One, from Dr Todd Cameron and Dr Sachin B Patel, is outlined in the following videos.


1. GPs to instigate protocols in the way they see patients

2. GPs to alter the things they need to see patients face to face for

3. GP Practices to support the GPs who pay them to do so

4. Use telehealth and have MBS item numbers 23/36 cover this in this time of need

The videos are here


And here


So what can you do as a GP to make these things happen?

Stephen Covey talks about a circle of influence and a circle of concern. Your circle of influence should be larger than your circle of concern or you just worry about things you can’t change. Let’s go further and consider a circle of impact.

Where can you apply your time and skills to make a change?

Here it is.

Join the AMA.

They have about 6000 GP members (my guesstimate). You can join for a monthly fee of somewhere between $15-130 a month as a GP or registrar. You don’t have to join the AMA – it is entirely voluntary. You can leave at any time, and take your money with you.

So join.

On your application, quite clearly state why you are joining and that this is THE thing you would like the AMA to make an impact on. The AMA have access to the politicians. From your membership to their ears.

Watch the videos.

Make your decision.


Take action.

Make a difference.

Good luck!